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Now is the time to move regenerative medicine from cells to drugs

We are aiming to bring a small molecular weight compound that significantly increases endogenous stem cells to the clinic.

To bring regenerative medicine to the clinic sooner.

It has been quite a while since we have been talking about the use of regenerative medicine in the clinic. However, it may need much more time before the conventional approach of cell transplantation can make a significant contribution to medicine. To fix this problem, we have developed a technology that dramatically increases the number of stem cells existing in our body by taking a drug instead of just relying on cell transplantation as we have done till now. We are focusing on developing this technology for the society.

Diverse areas of applications

Our technology treats neurodegenerative diseases by activating and increasing neural stem cells, which exist in the brain throughout life, with orally administered drugs. In addition to neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, and ALS, it may be useful to treat various other conditions such as mental disorders and developmental disorders, including down syndrome, by increasing the number of nerve cells. Also, we have found that it reverses skin aging, promotes hair growth, and regenerates the cornea by increasing mesenchymal stem cells.

We are the University of Central Florida Medical School Spinoff Venture Company

Dr. Kiminobu Sugaya, Professor of Medicine at the University of Central Florida, College of Medicine, has been conducting cutting-edge neuroscience research for over 30 years. He is doing research day and night with researchers from all over the world to realize a prosperous "100 years of life".

Giving hope for people suffering from illness

We aim to establish regeneration therapy using an orally administrable drug to increase stem cells existing their body for productions of functional cells, rather than relying on conventional regenerative medicine based on cell transplantation. We believe that this novel technology will bring a variety of therapies and hope for patients suffering from the incurable diseases by take out by and put period.
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